Scaffold Stages

• Flexible

Our Layher event system is perfect for any outdoor application. Stages, Camera Risers, Lighting or speaker towers, Ops Platforms, Choral risers, Finish ramps, Viewing platforms, Grandstand seating and more. ( Great for indoor use too)

• The System

The Layher event system is based around 2.5m x 2.0m bays. Fast levelling and infinitely adjustable it is perfect for all outdoor applications. Featuring a non slip surface and rated for use up to 80m high. Unlike other stage systems, Layher bays interlock to create a single mechanical base and can also be included in ballast calculations.

With infinite height adjustments, built in cable management, handrail and a large offering of accessories. This system is ideal for almost any application.

• Production Packages

Audio Plus provides production packages including Big Screens, Lighting and P.A . Give the team a call to discuss your requirements today.

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