Neon Run 

• Stage: Trailer Stage 86


NEON RUN – #Light up the night.

NEON is a 5k “Fun Run” that passes through multiple musically themed party zones. Rock, Pop, Disco and House with sound and light stretched to cover the 5 kilometre course in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

• Stage

The Stage rider made its Australian Debut at NEON Brisbane. Then proceeded to service the event for the next 3 years. A perfect fit for this event, with up to 8500 PAX the 8m x 6m stage was a perfect fit for the audience, DJ’s and unique performances.


Sound and Light

Audio Plus was also contracted to design and provide sound, light and LED screens for this event. With equipment stretched across 5 kilometers and open to all weather.

We really enjoyed the challenge of designing, producing and deploying this unique event and look forward to rolling out a new and improved season soon.


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